Up to 80% of the United States population will experience back pain at some point during their lives.

This helpful article from Mercola.com lists 15 tips for natural back pain relief. Check out number one, chiropractic care!

Take note of the cautions mentioned about conventional medical treatments for pain. Conventional medicine can lead to expensive, unnecessary testing. In some cases, these tests (including CT scans and MRI’s), often ordered by neurosurgeons, can result in a recommendation for spinal fusion surgery.

This surgical procedure only has a 25% success rate. The article concludes with another list of 14 more natural options for powerful back pain relief. This is just one of many sources supporting a more natural, holistic approach to dealing with back pain, a condition that may be chronic and disabling for a large percentage of the US population.

Remember, knowledge is power. Continue to learn all you can about healthier options for handling your spinal problems.  Contact us at Cianci Chiropractic for your next consultation.