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A Hip Healed, A Passion Revealed

Authored by Bruce Hotchkiss

Bruce, who has since passed, was a friend of Dr. Cianci, a patient, a significant chiropractic advocate, and one heck of a journalistic writer.

A change of pace here.
For a good portion of these early years of the 21st century, friend, patient, and journalist Bruce Hotchkiss was largely responsible for producing a monthly column for me. It was an evolutionary process. At first, I was writing the column and he was editing it. Then, after sitting in my office waiting room and conversing with what he calls “the happiest group of people I have ever seen in a doctor’s office,” he asked if he could interview my patients, allowing them to tout the benefits of their care. For this month, as my office prepares to launch a special project which we are calling “House Calls,” Bruce, by way of introducing House Calls,” suggested he tell his own story. For this column, then, the roles are reversed. I will be doing the editing.) —Dr. Cianci)

It must have been about 2005. I don’t remember exactly. The date is recorded somewhere in the archives of the office files of Dr. Christopher Cianci. He was still in his original Easton office on Dutchman’s Lane. There was a short sidewalk leading to his office from the parking lot. I limped, with great pain, from the car to the office door.

Here’s how that all went down: Something in the area of my right hip was preventing me from walking without intense pain. Was this going to require a hip replacement? The prospect of surgery frightened me. Steroid injection? I knew they didn’t always work. Dr. Cianci’s office was three blocks from my home.

I passed his office sign nearly every day. I knew absolutely nothing about chiropractic care except that, as usually depicted, it involved a neck manipulation that looked uncomfortable. Still, I had no choice. I could not live, or function, any longer with the pain. There appeared to be no alternative. I called his office. Dr. Cianci saw me at once.

He took some x-rays, evaluated them.

“Can you fix this?” I asked him. I wasn’t at all sure I was in the right place. He assured me he could if I followed his instructions.

Then in a small side office, with a depiction of the human spine on the wall and indicating how the nervous system, which the spine shelters, controls the function of the entire body, I received from Professor Cianci, my first class in Chiropractic 101.

By the way, after a total of six adjustments — three a week — and some ice packs, I was walking, with reasonable comfort, in two weeks, and shortly thereafter the pain and discomfort had disappeared entirely.

(Also, by the way, the neck manipulation is no big deal. It’s gentle and painless. I now relax and enjoy it.)

Obviously, I have continued to be a patient and the hip pain has never returned.

(Additionally, you should know, I am rarely ill, and at age 84, I continue to work every day. I give a lot of credit to what I consider “a good life” to chiropractic care.)

Through all of these years, Chris Cianci and I have gotten to know each other pretty well. Actually, he does an imitation of me, which is rather good.

A graduate of Palmer University considered the best chiropractic university in the nation, Dr. Cianci has been invited to lecture at doctors’ meetings and assemblies across the nation.

Not only is he good at his craft, and recognized as such in his profession, he is passionate about it. I have interviewed perhaps 100 of his patients over the past five or six years, and I have yet to find one for whom life has not changed because of his care … and his caring.

Imagine, for example, the joy of a young mother who came to Dr.Cianci carrying a child in a breech position. After three visits, with Dr. Cianci using a special chiropractic technique, the child turned naturally, which is often the case, he said. The mother and child are doing fine.

That’s an unusual case, of course. Most of his patients seek his care for spinal disc problems and spinal and other arthritis pain, often in a last-ditch effort to avoid surgery.

I know of no Dr. Cianci patient for whom that effort has not paid dividends. His effort — indeed, his passion — is to help folks age gracefully and, actively, to inform people how to avoid surgery and find natural, drug-free ways to live a long and pain-free life, to empower our community to always make the informed decisions about their lives and how to avoid the major pitfalls of aging.

To do that. Dr. Cianci is planning to launch what he’s calling “House Calls,” an opportunity simply to chat with him, on the telephone, some evening from the comfort of your home – thus “House Calls.” And of course, the caller is anonymous (unless you want it otherwise) …. there’s no charge and there will be plenty of time for questions.

It’s Dr. Cianci’s effort to reach beyond the walls of his office and into your home to reopen that classroom to Chiropractic 101. Hey, I wish I could have rung into “House Calls” when I was haunted by reservations about chiropractic care. I suspect my hesitations would have evaporated if I had signed up for that class.

Cianci Chiropractic, located at 8737 Brooks Drive in the Easton Industrial Park can help keep you on a healthy path.
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