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As With Tractors, The Farmer Needs Upkeep

Authored by Bruce Hotchkiss

Bruce, who has since passed, was a friend of Dr. Cianci, a patient, a significant chiropractic advocate, and one heck of a journalistic writer.

The year passes and the seasons turn. Spring becomes summer, and suddenly the nights become more crisp and clear. Leaves turn from green to fabulous, then shrivel and fall to the earth.

The growing season has ended and the plants and trees and fields prepare themselves for their winter slumber. One would think this is a welcome time of year for the hardworking John Brooks.

The Easton farmer finally has his crops in actually, several of them. There may be a few minutes here and there for him to finally catch his breath after a long hot summer and a busy autumn harvest. While his schedule may be a bit more flexible during this time of year, the work, however, is never truly done in a successful farming operation.

‘‘As far as farm work, there is always something to do if you want to do it,’’ says Brooks, who tills land just down the road from Cianci Chiropractic Center. ‘‘You have to get everything straightened out and cleaned up when you’re done. Then you begin checking and maintaining your equipment, to see what you need to do before the next season rolls around.’’

The most important machine on the farm is the 71-year-old farmer himself. There is a long list of daily chores involved when your farm is feeding Talbot County and beyond. All of these tasks are performed by John, and regular visits to Cianci Chiropractic Center keep him working as hard as his equipment does.

‘‘My neck kinda just feels like an old-timer’’ says John. ‘‘I’ve had neck problems and stuff for a long time and Dr. Cianci has really helped me with being able to turn my neck. Basically, it’s been getting worse over the years, and I have some arthritis and that kind of stuff.’’

Recognizing, finding, and addressing John’s concerns and discomforts is vital, and Dr. Cianci does a bit more than just kick the tires and check the oil levels on his neighbor. John receives the same careful checking and maintaining that he so diligently performs on his own farm machinery.

‘‘One would think that farmers would have a lot of lower back problems from all of the hard, heavy work, the vibrations from machinery, the long hours and the typical local work ethic of ‘I’m not done until all of the work is done’ ’’ said Dr. Cianci, ‘‘but often they end up with neck problems as well.”

‘’I have learned that, while a tractor is moving forward, a farmer has to look over his shoulder, usually to one side, to see where he has disked, plowed or planted. Decades of this twisted, unbalanced working posture takes its toll.

‘‘Here in my office, our team has been referred to as ‘thoroughly thorough’. It’s a designation we are proud of. We have done a very thorough health history on John, and this history goes all the way back to his birth.’’

The National Safety Council states that 50 percent of us fall from a significant height in the first five years of our life. Often, it’s a parent or sibling who recalls that event because we are actually too young to remember. An injury in those formative years can fester for decades and affect a person’s life and lifestyle.

‘‘Mr. Brooks, like most farmers, has worked hard his entire life and still continues to work. Many farmers never retire. The rewards of spending time with family, riding jet skis with the grandkids, or relaxing for a long weekend in the ‘off-season’ are rewards well earned.’’

The goal is to keep John healthy and working at his optimum, which makes his work go a little more smoothly, which then makes the fall/winter winddown more pleasant. Being ahead of the game with proper planning and maintenance will allow John to harvest better rewards, health-wise.

‘‘I like to say that when it comes to our patients’ health that we challenge the status quo,’’ said Dr. Cianci. ‘‘While many people may severely limit their activity level as they age, our patients are armed with better health and mobility, and they challenge the typical limitations.

‘‘While more and more people resort to drugs to feel better, our patients buck that trend and strive to live a healthy, mobile and active a life as possible naturally.’’ While you don’t see John out working the fields this time of year quite as often as in the summer, the ongoing, behind-the-scenes duties are never done.

He knows he can’t just let his tractors, plows, and buildings sit without care or maintenance, and now he knows he can’t afford to miss the maintenance on himself either. After all, he’s the most important piece of equipment on the farm.

‘‘I had seen Dr. Cianci’s sign, but I just never stopped,’’ said John. ‘‘I hadn’t been to a chiropractor in years. I just sort of let it go. I’m always so busy. But I decided to stop in because my neck had really been bothering me, and I sure am glad I did. He’s been helping me ever since”.

Another Cianci Chiropractic patient summed it up with, ‘‘you keep Mother Nature at bay and help us fight our battle with Father Time.’’

Cianci Chiropractic, located at 8737 Brooks Drive in the Easton Industrial Park can help keep you on a healthy path.
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