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Authored by Bruce Hotchkiss

Bruce, who has since passed, was a friend of Dr. Cianci, a patient, a significant chiropractic advocate, and one heck of a journalistic writer.

For Garrett (Gary) Pearce, the normal activities of daily life are more comfortable now.

“Like getting out of the car,” he said.

That process is accomplished virtually without thought … unless, of course, you have a herniated disk in your lower back, at which point it becomes a painful challenge. And, at which point, you set about seeking relief, which Pearce did.

But let’s go back a bit.

Pearce, now 58, first experienced what he called “a back problem” about 25 years ago, he said.

He and his wife, Ann, were living in Chester, N.J. and he was an international sales representative of petroleum equipment – everything from gas pumps to pipelines, he said.

That “back problem” was a herniated disc in his lower back which, not unexpectedly, created a series of other discomforts radiating throughout his body. Shinning surgery, he turned to medication for pain relief and modified his lifestyle to accommodate the discomfort.

Ten years ago, Pearce retired and he and his family moved to the Eastern Shore of Maryland, to Easton, to enjoy the area’s amenities, including golf, and biking, and other sports in which Pearce always tried to be active.

Then, in the early weeks of this year, another disc herniation. This time, the pain radiated into his knees… “It seemed as if all the joints in the lower part of my body ached, especially at night,” he said.

Again, he turned to medication. But a few months later, the situation got serious with that Pearce called “a major numbness” developed in his legs.

“I was losing strength in my legs,” he said.

While discussing that troubling aspect of his health with his son and daughter-in-law, they suggested chiropractic care.

Now it just so happened that in some pickup basketball games at the Talbot YMCA, Pearce had become acquainted with Easton chiropractor Dr. Christopher Cianci.

He made an appointment with Dr. Cianci for June 18.

“Yes,” said Dr. Cianci, “he did show up in our office in June but in February, four months earlier, he experienced serious back and leg problems.”

He was given a course of steroids. “They didn’t help,” Dr. Cianci said. Then another series of steroid injections. Still no relief.

“This whole scenario, needless to say, was so frustrating for him,” Cianci continued.

“Here, looking at him, was an apparently healthy person. On the outside, he appears as fit as an athlete. Yet, he’s severely limited in his activities. After walking just a mile, he confessed that ‘I’m done.’”

“The passage of time had not helped his problem. Nor had various drugs,” said Dr. Cianci.

“He desperately wanted to avoid surgery as do many of our patients and, over the years, we have helped many of them avoid that risk and yet return to their normal activities and lifestyle.”

Dr. Cianci noted that Pearce had worked hard and retired early with the hope and intention of enjoying life on the Eastern Shore.

“I take great professional pride in helping him – and others – achieve their goals and get back to living the life they set out to live.”

Today, Pearce has no sign of discomfort. In fact, he said, he began to see “progress” within just two weeks of chiropractic adjustments.

Now employed, on a part-time basis, as executive director of the Talbot Partnership, an advocacy organization for drug and alcohol abuse prevention, Pearce says that “I am feeling comfortable again … I am back to working out regularly … back into my old routine.”

And he added, with obvious relief, “that pain at night is all gone. I am sleeping well again.”

Commented Dr. Cianci: “All in all, chiropractic patients are people who have decided not to people who have decided not to settle for a limited life if they can help it. Garrett Pearce and hundreds of others prove that every day.”

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