Maybe you slept wrong, you got injured or you just have neck problems, but neck pain alone is never fun. So it makes it even worse when that pain starts to affect other areas, like your head. This is what’s called a cervicogenic headache — and they can be debilitating.

What is a Cervicogenic Headache? 

A cervicogenic headache is what’s called a secondary headache, meaning that it stems from another issue in your body. Two examples of issues that could cause a secondary headache are infections or injury to the body. 

Primary headaches such as migraines and cluster headaches are separate and different from cervicogenic headaches. These types of headaches cause neck pain. Pain from a cervicogenic headache will start in the back of the neck and work it’s way up to the head and to the forehead area and is a result of neck pain that is already there. 

What Are the Causes of a Cervicogenic Headache? 

There are various reasons cervicogenic headaches can occur. It could be because a person works in a job that puts strain on their neck like hair stylists or people who work at a desk all day but have their head always tilted down. 

Cervicogenic headaches can also be caused by other things such as: 

  • A neck injury like whiplash
  • A tumor
  • A fracture
  • An infection

What Are the Symptoms of a Cervicogenic Headache? 

Symptoms can vary when one has a cervicogenic headache and they can sometimes be confused and linked to another type of headache or injury. If one moves their neck a certain type of way or strains it, it can have an effect on whether or not someone gets a cervicogenic headache. 

Some symptoms associated with a cervicogenic headache include but are not limited to: 

  • Nausea
  • Blurry Vision
  • Stiff Neck
  • Sensitivity to light and noise (which happens with a migraine as well) 
  • Pain around the eyes 

Possible Treatments for a Cervicogenic Headache 

There are many ways one can prevent cervicogenic headaches and treat regularly occurring ones. Each person is different and they will have to find their own approach and do what’s best for them. A few possible treatments are: 

  1. Chiropractic Care – It may be easy for people to believe that chiropractic care is only for those with back problems but that’s simply not true. Getting regular chiropractic care can have a multitude of benefits on the entire body, not just one area. Plus many chiropractors offer more than just massages. Here at the Cianci Chiropractic Center, we offer services from massages to acupuncture. A good spinal manipulation could go a long way with helping with any kind of headache. So can acupuncture. 
  2. Nerve Block– A nerve block is pain-numbing medicine that is injected directly into the nervous system to relieve pain. The downside is that you have to get them continuously but they can work great to help get into the swing of physical therapy. 
  3. Medication– There’s a variety of medications you can use to help with headaches, including aspirin and ibuprofen. Work with your doctor to figure out what kind of medication is best for you. 

Identify and Treat

Here at Cianci Chiropractic Center, we understand what it takes to identify and treat the problem without medicine. We firmly believe that with the right movements and daily work, we can get your body into the best from its been in years. Schedule an appointment with us today. We can’t wait to help you on your journey to a happier, healthier you.