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Authored by Bruce Hotchkiss

Bruce, who has since passed, was a friend of Dr. Cianci, a patient, a significant chiropractic advocate, and one heck of a journalistic writer.

Allow me, if you will, to alter, for this month, the traditional focus of this column.

For more than a decade, we have devoted this space to patients telling their stories, relating their experiences with chiropractic care. And so shall the column continue.

But chiropractic care is more than an exercise in spinal adjustment, backed by a determination to be the best you can be. It is also an exercise in education, particularly of the body and how and why it works the way it does.

To that end, it is my responsibility to be a teacher, and educator, as well as a chiropractic physician. For the record, I am a graduate of Palmer University, where I did some teaching before graduation, and am frequently asked to address meetings of chiropractors across the country Here’s the point: Generally it takes some learning about
your body and the nervous system before a patient understands how they will get better.

To that end, we specifically keep this in mind at Cianci Chiropractic Center when a new patient comes into our office. We explain his or her test results and discuss with the patient his or her X-rays as well, in terms that laypersons can fully understand.

Interestingly, most of the patients who come into our office thrive on the educational outreach we provide. We’ve honed this process over the years and boiled it down to its simplest components. Our patients tell us it’s easy, fun, and informative and they tell us, they understand how chiropractic works.

I asked a current patient of mine, who has been in chiropractic care for more than 30 years both here and elsewhere in the country, to comment on these thoughts.

He offered this: “Every chiropractor I’ve been to will suggest you watch videos and have a sense of understanding about what chiropractic will do.”

I think the misconception is that you go in, they fix you, and that’s it… all they want is your money. Well, that’s not how it goes. It’s like a car, you don’t just do one oil change for the rest of your life — it’s going to break down.

You have to maintain it. It’s a commitment.

Once you learn – watch some videos, read some books or whatever — all of the chiropractors I’ve had over the years have been very good at education — if you look at it, see it and understand it, chiropractic really becomes part of your life.

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