Essential Guide to Spinal Decompression Therapy

Spinal decompression therapy is also referred to as non-surgical decompression therapy, since it is often used as a safe, affordable, and extremely effective alternative to spinal surgery. The distinction between surgical and non-surgical spinal decompression is an important one, as surgical spinal procedures are often considered a last option, while spinal decompression therapy is a safe treatment at any stage of back pain.



At Home Management


Cianci Chiropractic Center has created this Essential Guide to Spinal Decompression Therapy to help those in the community to find the answers they need to find relief for pain that may be helped by Spinal Decompression therapy.

Causes of Pain - Spinal Decompression May Help Relieve

Patients who suffer from the chronic pain associated with bulging, degenerating, or herniated discs may benefit from treatment using a spinal decompression table. This method of treatment helps treat patients who might not be able to find relief in other ways.

Symptoms of Pain - Spinal Decompression May Help Relieve

The chronic pain associated with spinal compression, bulging, herniated discs can manifest as back or neck pain as well as pain in the arms and legs. When it comes to the spinal decompression table, this treatment method uses computerized sensors to perform stretching actions on the spine. It can be uniquely effective.

At Home Management Between Spinal Decompression Visits

Unfortunately, the majority of us do not have a spinal decompression table at home as they are incredibly expensive and require healthcare providers to operate. Thus it is very beneficial to find ways in which you can retain the benefits of spinal decompression at home. In this section, find some of the ideal exercises, stretches and home spinal decompression aids.