When you hear people talking about core strength, does it conjure up images of weight lifters with flat stomachs and perfect abs? The reality is that core strength is about much more than developing the perfect six pack, and there are many components to core strength beyond your abdominal muscles.

In fact, the core muscles are found in multiple layers and include muscles in the hips, lower back, chest, and of course, the abdominals. These muscles act as stabilizers, allowing you to move and balance properly.

Five Benefits of Developing & Maintaining a Strong Core:

Here are some of the many life-improving benefits to having a strong core:

  1. Increase Your Balance & Stability: The primary function of your core is to stabilize the trunk of your body, and provide a strong foundational base for your arms and legs. A stronger foundational core allows you to move your arms and legs more dynamically while maintaining your balance, while a weaker core can restrict the movement of your arms and legs and cause you to lose balance. A strong core at its most basic function allows you to walk, sit, get up from sitting, lay down flat, and get up with ease.
  2. Prevent Injury: Research shows that people with increased core stability have a lower risk of injury. When you increase strength in your core muscles, you protect against injury to your spine in everyday situations. A strong core also improves your balance and stability, which in turn decreases your risks of falls or other accidents.
  3. Reduce Pain: Strong core muscles keep your body in proper alignment, leaving you at a reduced risk for back and neck pain. On the other hand, a weak core forces other muscles that aren’t suited for the job to jump in and compensate. This can cause further instability, muscle strains, and pain, especially in the lower back.
  4. Improve Your Posture and Breathing: A strong core helps you hold your body in good alignment, which improves your posture. Good posture is not just about looking great, it contributes to your health in a number of ways, from improved joint function and decreased neck, shoulder and back pain, to making it easier to digest your food and breathe better and more deeply.
  5. Perform Better in Sports and Other Exercises: Beyond the basics of improving your stability and balance and allowing you to perform basic movements with ease, a strong core enables you to become more active, and perform better in sports and other exercises.

There are many exercises beyond your basic abdominal crunch that can help you develop your core strength. If you are new to exercising, we recommend you begin with simple and easy exercises, and consult with your doctor or chiropractor to learn which exercises might be right for you.

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