Many people have a sore neck that causes neck pain day in a day out.  Sometimes neck pain may be caused by an injury and other times it is caused by posture or other life stress.

Neck pain is frustrating and uncomfortable but can usually be improved with a natural pain treatment approach.

Neck Pain Relief

Let’s look at a few things you can do to reduce neck pain and improve mobility:

Get the Right Pillow: 

Having a pillow that supports healthy sleep posture and neck position can reduce neck pain.  Most people spend 7-9 hours sleeping on their pillow but don’t use a pillow that supports good sleeping neck posture.  On top of that, studies recommend a new pillow every 18-24 months and a worn-out pillow does not support your neck very well.  If you’d like help selecting a good pillow, talk with your chiropractor today.

Get a Massage:

Massages aren’t just a feel-good relaxation exercise.  Getting a massage loosens up your joints and muscles and allows your neck and shoulders to properly move and support your head throughout the day. In addition, a massage can help reduce the chance of pulling a muscle and may increase your range of motion all of which will help reduce neck pain.

Use Heat & Ice: 

After an injury, using ice or cold packs can reduce swelling and pain.  After a few days, temporarily using heat can loosen the muscles and increase the range of motion

Improve Your Posture: 

Poor posture is often a cause of neck pain and if not fixed can prevent a person from reducing neck pain.  If working at a computer, setting up an ergonomic chair, desk, keyboard, and computer station can improve posture.  Other suggestions are to make sure the head, neck & shoulders are aligned to reduce stress on your neck and shoulders.  If you slouch your shoulders or stretch your neck forward, these can cause neck pain, and getting them aligned may reduce long-term pain.

Get Chiropractic Care: 

Chiropractors are professionally trained to align the spine and reduce pressure on certain points causing neck pain.  This is a non-invasive and non-addictive way to address pain and promote long-term neck and joint health. Over time, a chiropractor can reduce inflammation and improve posture and range of motion which will decrease neck pain and promote comfort.

Neck Pain Treatment

If you are suffering from ongoing neck pain, try some of these methods before considering surgical or addictive pain relief options.

If you have questions or want to discuss your neck pain and treatment options, talk with us today.