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Authored by Bruce Hotchkiss

Bruce, who has since passed, was a friend of Dr. Cianci, a patient, a significant chiropractic advocate, and one heck of a journalistic writer.

When her left shoulder began to pain, she thought — and assumed — it would get better.

It didn’t. It got steadily worse. Marie Bradley then began to realize how vitally important it is in your daily comings and goings that your arms fully function. Marie’s battle with that shoulder began in January of this year.

“It got so I could not lift my left arm above my head”, she said. “It hurt so much to have to put my hand behind my back…. like I couldn‘t even reach the seat belt in the car without intense pain.”

Then routine kitchen activity and chores became painful. “I am a short person,” Marie said. “I found I could not reach overhead kitchen cabinets, like getting the plates down. I could not reach up for anything, even a light or power switch.”

Any movement required of the left arm became troublesome, like a broom sweeping the kitchen or reaching to get laundry in the back of the washing machine. But Marie is delighted to report now that her shoulder is getting better, thanks solely to the ministrations of Easton chiropractor Dr. Christopher Cianci.

Shoulder pain and limitations can come from a variety of sources, Dr. Cianci explained. It can come from an old injury that healed improperly.

In a current or former athlete, it can show up years later. In Marie’s case, however, it was more due to 20 years of administrative work at a desk and computer, the Easton chiropractor said.

“Other patients are awakened by pain at night,” Dr. Cianci continued. “It can become difficult to put on a jacket. Patients can become afraid of lifting with the involved arm for fearing they may drop the object or their arm may give way.

When evaluating a shoulder, we start out with consultation and full medical history, followed by a series of nerve-related tests and x-rays when necessary.

In our offices, we find that 90 percent of patients with shoulder issues will have diminished nerve supply to their arms, which, in turn, does not allow healing to occur.

The affected area becomes weaker and more painful and the range of motion continues to diminish. Pain and limitation of movement follow. Rest often won’t help. Pain relievers are often minimally effective and certainly don’t do anything to return the shoulder to full motion and strength.

After evaluation, we focus care on specific muscles. We use what is known as the Active Release Technique to get the targeted muscles back to full function. Specific Rehabilitative exercise becomes more beneficial after proper nerve supply is restored. The overall result is less pain, more mobility, and a return to activities.

We often say that our motto here is ‘We keep you healthy, mobile, and active as long as you want to be healthy, mobile and active’.”

“So whether the patient is a high school athlete, a weekend warrior or an active senior, the technique benefits all of these patient populations,” Dr. Cianci said.

Marie Bradley is now retired after serving as assistant director of the Academy Arts Museum in Easton for 20 years — those two decades no doubt the origin of her increasingly intense shoulder pain.

Already a patient of Dr. Cianci for lower back issues, she quite naturally turned to him in January of this year. when the shoulder became unbearable.

Now, she recalled, as she follows an exercise routine recommended by Dr. Cianci, “my shoulder improved following each visit and is now much, much better.”

Cianci Chiropractic, located at 8737 Brooks Drive in the Easton Industrial Park can help keep you on a healthy path.
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