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Authored by Bruce Hotchkiss

Bruce, who has since passed, was a friend of Dr. Cianci, a patient, a significant chiropractic advocate, and one heck of a journalistic writer.

It was unexpected, of course, but those things happen. He was wakeboarding on a lake in the Adirondacks, on a visit to a family refuge there two years ago, and, skimming along at about 20 miles an hour, he went, by his own description, “head over tails.”

Picked up, refreshed, he decided to go again. He noticed, however, that “it felt funny.” The ‘it” was a noticeable discomfort in the back of his neck, a discomfort that turned into pain that soon turned into serious pain sufficient to convince him to drive himself back home to Easton.

Jonathan — he prefers Jon these days — Glass had decided it was time to revisit an old friend — Easton chiropractor Dr. Christopher Cianci.

The story starts about two decades ago. Dr. Cianci, a graduate of the famed Palmer University, the acknowledged “Harvard” of this nation’s chiropractic universities, had opened an office in Easton.

Among his early patients was the family of Rev. William Glass, the pastor of the MidShore Community Church of Easton. On one Saturday, his son recalled, Rev. Glass suffered a “flare-up” from a back injury he had received as a young man, a flareup of such severity that he could not walk.

Desperate, he called Easton chiropractor Dr. Cianci. who saw him immediately. Dr. Cianci’s attentions were so successful, son Jon recalled, that his father preached on Sunday, the very next day. Thereafter, the Glass family reported regularly to Dr. Cianci, all of them — mother Nadine, Jon’s sister, and, of course, Jonathan.

On his first chiropractic visit — and adjustment — Jonathan was two years old. At his parents’ insistence, he remained a regular patient until he was 16 when an independent and entrepreneurial spirit which had spawned a successful lawn cutting business — sent him out into the world to seek, if not his fortune, then at least a paycheck. And ceased his regular visits to Dr. Cianci.

Six years later, however, then at 21 years of age, weary after a long and painful drive from the Adirondacks and New York State, he sought the chiropractic care he had forsaken.

Dr. Cianci, in reviewing the young man’s file, came across this quote: “Of all the dumb things I’ve done in my life, I’ve never hurt this bad.” Dr. Cianci recalled that “Jonathan was in bad shape… He had neck pain and left arm and shoulder pain and sciatica down his left leg. Some of his injuries were new and due to his wakeboarding accident.” Dr. Cianci said, “but they were made worse by the fact that, over the years, he had both abused and neglected himself.”

Dr. Cianci called that “a common scenario.” Many of us, he said, have “a false sense of security…we maintain a facade of the invincibility of our youthful years which leaves us, in those later years, with aches and pains and the limitations that accompany them.”

Jonathan’s experience at the lake is an example, the Easton chiropractor continued, of how an unfortunate incident turns out to be beneficial.

“It got Jonathan not only the care he needed for his new injuries but put him back on a proactive track for his future wellbeing.” Dr.Cianci remarked that the young man enjoys physical work and “he’ll need a healthy body in the years to come. That wake boarding mishap taught him that.”

Interestingly, Jonathan may be part of a trend. Many, if not most, of Dr. Cianci’s patients are seniors but he has noticed that more and more young people are seeing the benefit of what he called “starting early.”

“Being proactive about your health,” the Easton chiropractor said, “has been likened to investing for retirement. If you want to have a funfilled and prosperous retirement, you need to begin investing in your health when you’re younger. It pays handsome dividends.”

Life is good now for Jon Glass, now 23, married this past summer to a teacher in Tilghman, employed for the past six years by Bridges Land Management Inc. of St. Michaels. Oh yes, he continues as a patient of Dr. Cianci.

“I’ve had a couple of flareups in the back of the neck,” the young man said, “and I think ‘oh boy, here we go again’ but I get an adjustment and everything’s fine.” He is on a regular appointment schedule with Dr. Cianci. “If I miss an appointment I know it,” he said.

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