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Notes Of  A Fan Of Chiropractic Care

Authored by Bruce Hotchkiss

Bruce, who has since passed, was a friend of Dr. Cianci, a patient, a significant chiropractic advocate, and one heck of a journalistic writer.

Maturity doesn’t always guarantee enlightenment, but often the two travel hand-in-hand.

Life’s experiences shape the way we are, for good and for bad. For some, the stove may not be hot — no matter what Mama says — until it is touched. Ah, enlightenment!

Dave Draper didn’t have that one magic moment. Those “hot stove moments” were more like “heavy pipes” moments. The 60-year-old Easton man can barely contain himself when explaining what once was wrong, how good he now feels, and how he got there, as well as how he maintains his health.

“I worked in the construction industry when I was younger, as a plumber, and hurt my back several times, straining my muscles and things like that,’’ Draper said. “I carried a lot of heavy pipe by lifting it up onto my shoulder.“

“Once I found chiropractic it helped, and I was going back to work in a short period of time. When I started chiropractic, I wasn’t in the habit of going every two weeks. I had to be convinced after awhile. But once things started working, I said ‘hmm, this is really good for me.”

The trips to the chiropractor began years ago, and once Draper moved to the Eastern Shore, he found Cianci Chiropractic Center. He recently stopped in for a final adjustment before heading off to a warm, tropical island on vacation.

“I’ve been with Dr. Cianci for about six years and I come every two weeks just to maintain the health of my back. I want to make sure it stays right. It’s maintenance for me. I’ve been doing chiropractic for probably 30 years. I lived in California for about 20 years and that’s where I started doing chiropractic.”

“Many people’s problems that I have seen in 20-plus years in practice often lie hidden for many years before the symptoms start, so maintenance is about checking a person’s spine to keep them healthy mobile and active once they have achieved a state of wellness,’’ said Dr. Cianci.

“Subluxations in the chiropractic sense (misaligned vertebrae that irritate nerves ) are similar to heart disease and high blood pressure,” Dr. Cianci continued. They lie dormant with no symptoms for decades, and if left unchecked you can one day have a stroke or chest pain and a heart attack.

Both of these generally drastically limit a person’s lifestyle following such an event.

“Problems a chiropractor often sees are the same way, often the cause of the problem is decades old and the patient is unaware of all this until a crisis hits. Much like heart disease, periodic checkups are a key to remain healthy active, and mobile.”

“In Dave’s case he had damaged and degenerative discs many years ago, he’s chosen to keep an eye on them and be proactive about them. He’s following doctors’ orders so he can enjoy today and the future.’’

Dr. Cianci has introduced a new way for Draper to, shall we say, “get a step up” on staying healthy. The introduction of orthotics has added a bit of spring to his step.

“Dr. Cianci was the first one to get me to put insoles in my shoes,’’ Draper said with a broad smile. “I swear by them. I will not wear anything without insoles. It took almost a year to get my spine and hips realigned perfectly, and I have had minimal problems since that happened. This has been unbelievable. Now, when I buy shoes, I pull the insoles out and put my new insoles in, and it makes a huge difference. It is really a wow factor, like night and day.’’

“I noticed Dave’s shoes one day,” said Dr. Cianci, “and the heels were wearing unevenly. I suggested we do a foot scan, that takes a digital image of the foot and the arches of the foot and analyzes where support is needed. We perform this test to help people with spinal problems. If their shoes are wearing unevenly that imbalance often transfers additional unnecessary stresses to their spine.”

“We tested Dave, we had custom made shoe inserts, orthotics, made and he hasn’t been the same since. For the patient who needs inserts, their spine will tend to stay aligned better if they wear properly prescribed orthotics. Otherwise, every step they take could place additional irritation on their spine.’’

Draper doesn’t mince words and is not shy about sharing with others who get the credit for his good health.

“He’s the only doctor you go to where you actually feel better as soon as you leave. It’s instant gratification, as far as that goes.”

“I can usually tell — like if I’m having a digestive problem — then there is something wrong in my back. I might mention that to Dr. Cianci and he will say, ‘oh yeah, your Whatever is out of alignment.’

“I want to maintain a healthy back and everything that goes with it, and he’s been able to do that.’’

Cianci Chiropractic, located at 8737 Brooks Drive in the Easton Industrial Park can help keep you on a healthy path.
Contact Cianci Chiropractic at 410-820-4070. You can also find Cianci Chiropractic online at

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