What Our Patients Say About Cianci Chiropractic Center

Dr Cianci is amazing and the Office staff is just wonderful!!!!

Jacqueline Scott
June 3, 2024

Before I started going to Cianci Chiropractic my back was in constant discomfort, tightness and pain. Dr. Cianci has helped to teach me about proper spinal care and maintenance through regular adjustments and exercises. I am very pleased with the outcome. I would highly recommend Cianci Chiropractic to anyone looking to improve their spinal health.

Ashley Reynolds
December 30, 2023

Great chiropractor! Everyone in the office is so great to all of us in the family. We couldn’t be happier with our care. Dr. Cianci and team go out of their way to make sure you feel comfortable and are extremely thorough in their explanation of the direction of your care. Dr. Cianci even called us after our first appointment to check in and see how we were feeling and if we had any questions. Highly recommend!!

Joseph Ewing
December 30, 2023

Dr. Cianci is Amazing! He is very knowledgeable and caring! He has helped me tremendously and I'm forever grateful for him! Dr. Cianci stuff is always friendly and very helpful! Also Dr. Cianci is very accommodating to making my appointment work around my daily schedule! Great place!

Sara Dyott
November 30, 2023

Very flexible and great people!

November 30, 2023

Dr. C was the only source of pain relief for both my husband and I. May husbanf has avoided back surgery thanks to Dr. C. Staff is amazing, thorough, fast, efficient. Very flexible with times to accomodate my work schedule.

Katelin McConkey
October 30, 2023

Dr. C was the only source of pain relief for both my husband and I. May husbanf has avoided back surgery thanks to Dr. C. Staff is amazing, thorough, fast, efficient. Very flexible with times to accomodate my work schedule.

Katelin McConkey
October 16, 2023

I have always been a bit of a critic with This type of healing process. I am very grateful, A good friend referred Cianci Chiropractic Center to me. I am pleased with my progress. I feel very confident with Dr Cianci, he is So knowledgeable and very helpful with any & all questions/issues I may have. I am no longer a critic, I am a big fan!! His office staff is professional and extremely helpful!

Parker Spurry
August 30, 2023

Dr Cianci and staff are amazing!! Best chiro I have been to in a while. And I hvae been to many.

Elizabeth Hachey
July 30, 2023

People are professional and friendly!

Sheri Rodriquez
January 30, 2023

Dr.Cianci is amazing! I've never been to a chiropractor before and a week after I fell my back was still hurting, so figured I'd get a quick adjustment and be done. Well at my first visit Instead of an adjustment, I had xrays and other exams done to find out where the main issues were! Come to find out, my spine curves to the left!! Who knew that was the cause of my back pain for so long amongst other issues(belly problems, migraines, bloating). Chiropractic health was definitely something I overlooked but now I swear by it! I didn't go for 2 weeks and the back pain started to return and my other issues returned. Dr Cianci is very thorough and knowledgeable!! He listens and explains everything so you understand! Highly highly recommended!!

Charlene Atkins
January 30, 2021

The best thing I ever did was walk in the door!

Carolyn Lane
January 30, 2021

Love the atmosphere that this group gives to their patients. Dr. Cianci has truly helped me get out the pain I have been in for years.

Kristine Topovski
January 30, 2021

As a child I rode dirt bikes and climbed a lot of trees I tended to fall out of. My back started hurting when I was 16 years old and I had no idea why. I soon had X-rays done and was told I had 3 herniated discs. The doctors wanted to do surgery, but my family and I decided I was too young for those steps. I received a few cortisone shots and was okay here and there. But from 16 until I was 31 I had steady pain. One day I finally decided to give Dr. Cianci a chance, and I have not been disappointed. He has been amazing in every way. Between helping me have relief and his encouragement in our sessions, I finally can do so many things I couldn't for a long time. I will be forever grateful for what he has done for me. I overall feel better mentally and physically. If you are in pain, I would highly recommend giving Dr. Cianci a shot, you will not regret the outcome. Plus the staff are wonderful, kind and compassionate.

Casey Waskey
January 30, 2021

Cianci Chiropractic is awesome!! If you are looking to fix chronic issues, this is the place. I've had issues my entire adult life and this is the first time I feel like I will get the pain and mobility and health back as much as this old body will allow. I am feeling so much better already! Really appreciate the varied treatment techniques and stabilization approach to maintaining my new flexible body! Added bonus is the great personality of the entire staff!!

Joni Zimmerman
January 30, 2021

Very friendly all time place to go to get work on just the best. Thanks guys

Daven Thomas
January 30, 2021

Cianci Chiropractic is the most efficiently run medical office I have ever been in. That being said, Dr. Cianci always has time to talk about any concerns or issues that come up during the course of your treatment. Initially, he provides an in depth evaluation of your condition and reevaluates your progress at regular intervals. I have seen great improvement in my symptoms. I highly recommend Dr. Cianci.

Pat Moran
January 30, 2021

Every visit is a positive experience. You may not be there long but your immediate and possible future problems are quickly and efficiently addressed. I have experienced both immediate and long term relief from Dr. Cianci's adjustments. Best part is I don't have another pill added to the 12 a day I take now.

william lampman
January 30, 2021

I have been seeing Dr. Cianci and staff for the past few years, driving 30 minutes from my home each time. Dr. Cianci and staff are BY FAR the most effective, pleasant, and professional chiropractic staff I have ever had the pleasure to work with. The doctor's knowledge of both chiropractic and physical therapy have proven invaluable time and again in both my treatment for injury, as well as my maintenance programs. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ANYWHERE BUT AT CIANCI CHIROPRACTIC IN EASTON!!!

Ken Salm
January 30, 2021

Dr. Cianci, Tiffany, and Donna are the Best! Extremely comfortable environment. Puts you at ease about any concerns you may have. Dr.Cianci has helped me with my pain immensely. I have referred lots of people to him. Very thorough!!!! He made me feel so much better to know you don’t need to hear the “CrAcK!” To be adjusted. So it doesn’t sound so scary. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

January 30, 2021

One hundred percent top notch chiropractic office. Not only is Dr. Cianci amazing, his staff of Donna and Tiffany are as well. They always make you feel welcome and like a “person” not a number. The amount of time spent from getting there to leaving is usually less than 10 minutes. I’ve had so many issues with my spine, muscles and overall health that have been highly alleviated as a result of proper chiropractic care with this office. I couldn’t recommend it more.

Kelly Carroll
January 30, 2021

I have been going to Dr. Cianci for many years. I am always amazed at the depth of his knowledge. The things that he sees in our visits, and the adjustments he makes to my body, are amazing. Dr. Cianci it truly a good alternative to pill pushers!

Bruce Wakefield
January 30, 2021

Dr. Cianci has been working with me for the past 6 years after I moved from NY. I have found him to be fully concerned with my particular case, although there never seems to be a shortage of patients. He takes the time to listen and help in any way he can, especially trying to get me back to fitness after a serious accident. I have full confidence in him and heartily recommend him.

Ruth Clausen
January 30, 2021

I have been going to Dr. Cianci‘s office for over 10 years and would highly recommend his services. He and his staff are very concerned with providing the right treatment and assistance for better health.

Dave Draper
January 30, 2021

I was hurting pretty bad when I visited Cianci Chiropractic, but Dr. Cianci and along with Donna and Tiffany really took care of me. My quality of life improved very quickly and it's a real joy to visit them each time - and I feel much better.

Bruce Bennett
January 30, 2021

I first learned about Dr. Cianci about 15 years ago and he taught me a lot of information about structure, alignment, sleep patterns, etc. I had been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome and was told I needed surgery but I didn't agree with the diagnosis. After seeing Dr. Cianci for over a year, my symptoms went away. I had some back/pain issues a few years back and was told I had fibromyalgia which I didn't agree with either. I was told to rely on Pain Management and not see a chiropractor. Pain Management didn't work out so I took matters in my own hands and started seeing Dr. Cianci again. After 3 months, I don't have as many issues as I did last year. I enjoy going to see everyone at the office. They really care about their clients. If you need help, please call them. If you're scared, I'll go with you to ease the experience.

Karen A. Callahan
January 30, 2021

I started going to Dr. Cianci in 2012 after another member of my family recommended to go and I’ve been going back ever since. I can tell a difference every time after being adjusted. When you arrive in the office you are always greeted by name with a smile by Tiffany, Donna or Julia! I would recommend Dr. Cianci to anyone who is searching for a chiropractor on the Eastern Shore!

Tyler Edgar
January 30, 2021

In the mid 1990's I suffered a spinal injury which caused significant pain including sciatica. I chose chiropractic as a less intrusive alternative to surgery. Treatment by Dr. Cianci provided a substantial reduction of pain in a short period of time and now I am on maintenance treatment. I appreciate Dr. Cianci's knowledge, professional approach and transparency.The staff has always been flexible in scheduling to meet my needs.

Charles Craig
January 30, 2021

I've been visiting Dr. C since 2005. At that time I was terribly ill with chronic fatigue, and had been for over a year. Within a couple of sessions I was feeling much better and after a few months I was back to normal. I have been going to him ever since to maintain a healthy immune system. Not only is he terrific, his assistants are awesome ladies, too!

Trina Honer
January 30, 2021

A bad parachute fall in 1961 led to a "bad back" for all of my adult life. Shortly after marrying my wife in 2008, and upon her urging, I went to see Dr. Cianci. I was immediately impressed by both his concern for my problem and the course of action that he laid out. Over the past 12 years Dr. Cianci has successfully treated my back issues to the point where I am leading a near normal life and travel at will. My back is no longer a consideration when I planning any activities. Additionally, Tiffany and Donna, his office staff, make every visit a very nice experience. They are very considerate, thoughtful, and helpful. Lee Young

Leon Young
January 30, 2021

Friendly and efficient stall. Very clean office and equipment. Dr. Cianci has worked magic on all my aches and pains. He is a great guy! I now have a wonderful chiropractor and a good friend.

January 30, 2021

I originally saw Dr. Cianci when I was pregnant with my 2nd child. He helped me tremendously throughout my pregnancy. Before seeing him, it was painfully just to move in bed; after seeing Dr. Cianci I felt better pregnant than I did prior to pregnancy. Now, he keeps my back and shoulders feeling great. I have a full range of motion in my neck and less headaches than before. I highly recommend Dr. Cianci and his chiropractic care.

Allyson Baynard
January 30, 2020

I had been having back pain on and off for many years but it had gotten worse recently to the point I decided I had to do something. I searched around for chiropractors in the area and came across one of Dr.Cianci’s videos on facebook. I was nervous about finding the right chiropractor as I had never gone to one and didn’t really know what to expect. But after watching the video and searching reviews on his website it made me confident enough to take the plunge and make an appointment. Boy am I glad I did! I learned that chiropractic is not just about solving back and neck pain even though it definately does that but it is about whole body wellness. Not only is my back pain gone but I have more energy and my immunity is much better than it has been in a long time. To top it off Dr.Cianci and his wonderful staff are some of the most customer service focused people in health care I have ever seen. Top notch service, top notch people and top notch results is what you will get when you step into Cianci Chiropractic Center!

Lisa Cunningham
January 30, 2020

Long-time patient with prior car accidents and neck fusion. Dr. Cianci and his team keep me active and enjoying life. Dr. C is very knowledgeable about how our bodies work and the nerves that affect even the smallest ache or pain.

Ruth Thomas
January 30, 2020

I have been receiving chiropractic treatment and exams from Dr. Cianci and his team members, Donna and Tiffany, for 4 months now. I am a migraine sufferer and I was initially very skeptical about how chiropractic care could help me, but I can tell you with certainty, I have been converted. Dr. Cianci and his team are first-rate and I highly recommend this practice to anyone. They take the time to understand you, your body, and your situation. I honestly look forward to my adjustments every week.

Leslie Farris
January 30, 2020

I have been a patient of Dr. Cianci for more than 10 years. When I started I had extreme back pain and could barely walk. I decided I never wanted to go through that experience again. Going to Dr. Cianci was the solution. He got my spine back to normal and has kept me in shape ever since. He and his staff are extremely professional and I enjoy getting my regular adjustments. I highly recommend him.

Fritz Kade
January 30, 2020

Over the years, I have been to many Chiropractors. As a competitive powerlifter, I am always looking to keep my body healthy and strong. A few of my clients had been visiting Cianci Chiropractic Center with great success, so I decided to call and schedule my initial appointment. From my first visit, I felt welcomed and instantly knew that I was in good hands. Dr. Cianci and his staff are truly professional and extremely supportive. I feel physically and mentally better than I ever have. I would 100% recommend Dr. Cianci and Cianci Chiropractic Center for anyone wanting to live a healthier life.

Curtis Miller
January 30, 2020

If you are having second thoughts about chiropractic care, I would highly recommend you give this office a call and schedule an evaluation!! For about 6 months I was experiencing numbness and loss of strength in my hand and forearm. I previously had a cervical fusion between c4, c5 & c6 and I was not looking to go through surgery again. I was skeptical about seeing a chiropractor, but I decided to give Dr Cianci a call and schedule an appointment. After the initial evaluation, he said he could help. After about 3 weeks of visits the numbness went away and I was starting to get some grip strength back. Its been about 8 months since I started seeing Dr Cianci and my strength has returned 100%. With the adjustments and the exercises, he has recommended I feel better than I have in many years. I also do not have any acid reflux, which has bothered me for years. I will continue to visit the office to keep my spine in “shape”.

January 30, 2020

Dr. Cianci and his chiropractic care are amazing. I never knew this could make such a difference in the way I feel. I was in crisis when I first saw him and he has developed a plan to increase my wellness and I have seen a difference every week. I appreciate all of the care that he and Tiffany and Donna show to me every visit. I heartily recommend him to anyone who wants to feel better.

Sharon Lister
January 30, 2020

I suffered with ear and jaw pain for over a year. When my ENT recommended that I seek chiropractic care for this issue I began to ask around for recommendations and Dr. Cianci's name was dropped several times. I was so impressed with how this practice is run. Patients are evaluated by the doctor and educated on ways to abandon some habits or practices that might be causing their body pain. I was overjoyed after a couple of visits my ear pain was gone. I also have been a chronic migraine sufferer for almost 20 years. An added bonus to my continued care through Cianci Chiropractic Care is that I have been Migraine FREE for over 3 months!! My body is healing and getting restored because the care that I have received from Dr. Cianci.

B Mc
January 30, 2020

Started with a neck issue which was corrected quickly. Continue with scheduled treatments as does my wife, daughter, sister-in-law and mother-in-law. This is as important to us as is regular exercise.

January 30, 2020

Dr. Cianci and his staff provide outstanding care for me, my husband, my mother, sister, daughter and a number of friends. From managing back pain to curing migraines Dr. Cianci’s professional, hands on assessments and treatments are spot on. My family and I highly recommend Cianci Chiropractic Center.

kimberly baker
January 30, 2020

I started seeing Dr. Cianci over six months ago. When I came to him, I couldn't stand or sit without back pain. I had been seeing another chiropractor with no progress and switched to Dr. Cianci. I am so thankful I did! Dr. Cianci is the best chiropractor I have ever been to. I have no pain in my back and am strengthening problem areas. With his help and guidance, I am back doing the things that I love without pain! I highly suggest Dr. Cianci!

Elizabeth Tumpa
January 30, 2019

My whole family has been coming to Dr. Cianci for about 26 years now. When I first started there were times I could barely make it through the grocery store because my sciatica would make my leg so week. After a short while I was able to walk with no problem. There have been many issues over the years that Dr. Cianci has helped me through. I'm on maintenance right now and I'm so glad I have him as an asset in my life. My husband and children have also seen wonderful results; especially when a fall or accident comes in to play.

January 30, 2019

Dr. Cianci and his office staff are wonderful. Everyone is so helpful and accommodating to my crazy schedule. Dr. Cianci always takes time to explain everything. I recommend him to everyone I know!

Becky Kroeger
January 30, 2019

Dr. Cianci and his staff have always treated me very well. He and his staff are friendly and accommodating. I have suffered from severe allergies for years. I’ve tried visiting allergists and taking various medications (shots, nose sprays, pills, etc) with little to no relief. Dr. Cianci recommended supplements and I have seen immediate results, even during peak pollen season.

Myra MacPherson
January 30, 2019

Dr. Cianci and his staff have been great. I've been a patient for 4 years, my back and arthritis issues have improved tremendously. I actually look forward to being adjusted regularly. Everyone is very professional, yet very friendly and caring. I highly recommend Dr. Cianci's chiropractic services! You won't be disappointed. 👍

Michele Wayman
January 30, 2019

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