Case Study

“There was no escaping it.” That’s how Julie Harp describes the dull, aching pain in her glutes, that made it difficult to sit or stand for long periods of time. She tried acupuncture and physical therapy, but both seemed to be short-term fixes. So, she began to wonder if something else was going on. Harp decided to visit Dr. Cianci and he did a thorough assessment, where he discovered she had had a series of traumas, including a car accident. “There was a lot more going on than just that pain in my butt, to be honest,” says Harp.


Harp began visiting Dr. Cianci four times a week for deep adjustments. He also suggested lifestyle changes, recommending that she stop crossing her legs and that she sleeps on her back or side, instead of her stomach. “Stomach sleeping is just a poor habit,” says Harp.

Dr. Cianci re-evaluates Harp’s progress every twelve visits. During that appointment, she undergoes thermal imaging and adjustments based on the results. “Because he has that information right there in front of him, he can provide a better manual adjustment on those days.”

Harp also appreciates that she can bring related concerns, such as a sore shoulder, to Dr. Cianci, and that he truly seems to care. “He just listens to you. He’s very patient centric.”


Harp continues to visit Dr. Cianci two days a week for adjustments and knows that if she follows her treatment plan, she will eventually only need maintenance visits. She has been so impressed with Dr. Cianci that not only have her husband and three children gone to him, but Harp has also referred a family member and friend of the family. “Whenever people say, ‘Oh, my back hurts’ I tell them, ‘You need to see Dr. Cianci.’”