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The Diary Of A Farmer’s Wife

Authored by Bruce Hotchkiss

Bruce, who has since passed, was a friend of Dr. Cianci, a patient, a significant chiropractic advocate, and one heck of a journalistic writer.

She’s a gal on the go. Gal? Why not? She’s a vivacious, spring-in-her-step, 42-year-old. “On the go?” You bet! And Easton chiropractor Dr. Christopher Cianci makes sure she stays that way.

Dawn Edgar has four jobs, at least by the last count. No. 1 is as a firefighter, a member of the fire department at Baltimore-Washington International Airport. The department answers call not only at the airport but in nearby areas as well.

Dawn is the assigned driver of a crash truck if there is an incident at the airport. Dawn works 24-hour shifts at the airport, from 7 a.m. to 7 a.m. She works 48 hours a week.

Back in Dorchester County — she and her husband, Steve, have a farm on the fringes of the Blackwater Refuge. The Edgars till about 1,100 acres of corn, soybeans, and wheat and bale straw.

The straw is trucked to the racetracks and other customers. Dawn also works part-time as an Emergency Medical Technician on the ambulance for Dorchester County. A graduate of Easton High School and Salisbury University with a degree in teaching, she maintains an informal accounting business.

“I do bookkeeping and payroll for several clients and work at my sister’s accounting office during tax season,” she said. And of course, there is family — husband and son, 14-year-old Tyler — and the farm.

Into that schedule, Dawn, without fail, inserts a weekly visit to Dr. Cianci.

That all started about six years ago, as she remembers, when, quite suddenly, she could not turn her head without violent neck pain. 

“I don’t remember any particular thing causing it,” she said. “I guess it was having a back out of whack for a long time.”

She does recall vividly that she called Dr. Cianci immediately and he arranged for an appointment the very same day. I was really grateful for that, she said. “I felt some relief after the very first adjustment. It was great.”

Dr. Cianci vividly remembers the look on Dawn’s face.

“It was a look of shear misery. The pain, she said, was excruciating. She couldn’t sleep and she had to miss work.

“That told me that anyone who works four jobs who tells you that she can’t work because of the pain, you know it’s serious.”

Dr. Cianci said Dawn’s history included some falls off horses when she was young.

She played sports like most kids and she recalled a car accident when she was sidewiped by another car. “But Dawn’s problem, like a lot of patients I see, was the result of old and seemingly at the time, innocent injuries which healed incorrectly,” Dr.Cianci explained.

“They festered over the years, getting worse and worse, unbeknownst to Dawn, mani- festing themselves in almost daily headaches. Not surprisingly too, Dawn also had increasing allergies. We very often see allergies accompanying neck pain because of a similar nerve supply.”

Through the years since Dawn’s first visit with Dr. Cianci, his chiropractic care has become a family affair. Husband Steve, encouraged by Dawn’s wellness, sought Dr.Cianci’s care for back pain from a previous car accident.

Then Dawn encouraged her son Tyler to become a patient of Dr. Cianci even though a specific problem did not exist.

“I don’t want him to go through what I went through with my back,” said his mother. “Regular chiropractic adjustments can help prevent a lot of the issues I had as I got older.”

Dawn is what Dr. Cianci described as “a progressive-minded person.” She realizes that the problems she now faces because of those long-ago injuries now emerge from the fast-paced life she leads and impacts the nervous system.

When all of these situations come together, something has to give, and eventually, the body breaks down. Aware of these things, Dawn thought of son Tyler. Dr. Cianci sees a mounting problem in his young patients.

“Look around in the course of your day,” he says, “and ask yourself how many people have their heads down, staring at their phones?”

“This, of course, stresses the spine and a young person’s spine — like Tyler’s — isn’t yet totally developed and is especially susceptible to physical strains. “Fortunately,” Dr. Cianci said, “Dawn is foresighted and, remembering what she went through, she has rounded up the family.”

Just another responsibility for a gal on the go.

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