It’s been proven that Americans sit more than they ever have in history. Whether it’s to binge Netflix or work all day, Americans are taking a load off — and not necessarily in a bad way. 

Now sitting isn’t bad. It’s good to rest and relax at regular intervals throughout the day to preserve energy and not overwork yourself. However, if you’re not sitting correctly that can cause a host of problems, along with sitting too much without moving.

So what is an ideal posture for sitting? And how can you prevent the problems that come along with sitting too long? The professionals at South Orange Chiropractic Center have three steps you can take to achieve an ideal sitting posture and prevent other issues that can stem from sitting too long.

     1. Think About Your Back

Back pain is one of the top things that stem from sitting all day long. It’s because your spine is meant to be upright and supported and many times people have such a slumped posture it puts unnecessary pressure on the spine. 

So every time you sit down, follow these simple steps to achieve the best posture possible (and then try to remember to check this frequently): 

  • First, sit at the end of your chair
  • Then, slump all the way forward (your whole body including your shoulders)
  • Then slowly lift your head and neck backward to an upright position while sending your shoulders down and back.
  • Next push back until you accentuate the curves of your spine. This will feel uncomfortable. 
  • Now relax slightly and voila, you have attained a good sitting posture. 
  • Move back to sit into your chair. 

Now holding correct posture can be uncomfortable for many because most of the time they are slumped over. But once you practice good posture for an extended time, it will be more comfortable and easier to attain regularly.

      2. Have the Right Support

When it comes to laying in bed or watching a TV show, try to have a comfy pillow or blanket behind your head to support your neck. Also, try to have support behind or under you so that you rest comfortably. 

When it comes to sitting in a chair, you want to make sure the chair is lifted to a level where you won’t have to strain to see the screen or move to grab regularly used objects. This is especially important in your office chair.

     3. Use the Correct Equipment

This step goes hand in hand with having the right support. Ergonomic desks, chairs, and shoes can all go together to create a healthy environment for having the best posture. Now, these can be expensive, but it can be a good long-term investment if you consistently sit and work all day. 

If you don’t have the money to spend, there are other easy steps you can take to make your equipment more supportive. You can: 

  • Make sure your screen is eye-level
  • Lift your chair to where your feet lay perfectly flat with the ground
  • Roll a towel up and put it in the lower part of your back so you can relax against it 

A Side Note

These are just a few things you can do to achieve good posture when sitting. It’s also important, however, to make sure you move your full body often and take a break away from sitting as much as possible. 

These can be simple movements such as stretching, shoulder rolls, and ankle rolls. When it comes to taking full breaks from sitting, consider taking a quick walk around the block or around the office. A little goes a long way! 

Contact us today to set an appointment. We’d like to see you and discover if we can help your posture.