A car accident can be traumatic.

Not only is there the physical trauma of the accident that can cause injury to your body, but there is also a financial impact. Loss of wages due to necessary time off dealing with the accident, replacement and repair of your car and traffic citations are just some of the ways an accident can cost more than you may anticipate.

In addition, there may be psychological trauma as a result of the accident. You may suffer from survivor’s guilt, guilt for your part in causing the accident, or experience fear from the event. Dealing with these issues can take time and shouldn’t be overlooked or rushed.

One of the most pressing aspects of dealing with a car accident is the physical results. Not every accident is the same, and your injuries may be different in both number and severity than someone else, regardless of how minor or severe your accident may have been.

What are the common injuries from a car accident?


In a car accident, your body starts moving faster than you normally would. When your head is suddenly snapped in one direction than another, it can cause trauma and strain on the soft tissues in your neck and upper back. Even though whiplash doesn’t break any bones, it can be extremely painful and can take weeks to heal. Whiplash is a common term that describes the injuries to your ligaments, tendons and muscles.

Head Injuries

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is another common injury that can happen during a car accident and has long-lasting complications. Left untreated, a traumatic brain injury can result in headaches, brain function complications, or sleep disruption. Despite how common they are, it may be difficult to diagnose a brain injury. You and your doctor may need to develop a specific plan for possible brain injuries.

Cuts and Scrapes

Loose objects in your car can become projectiles during an accident and cause cuts and scrapes. You may be injured from glass or other car parts torn loose during the impact, or you may collide with edges of seats, dashboard or other car parts that can cause open wounds. Not only painful, this can be a risk for further infection and trauma.

Broken Bones

Car accidents can cause traumatic amounts of force on your body. The force of an impact, as well as the force of stopping suddenly due to a seatbelt, can cause a variety of broken bones. You may suffer a broken leg or arm due to an impact with the inside of your vehicle, or have broken ribs from being pushed sideways, forwards or backwards. Airbag deployment may cause broken bones in your face, particularly your nose or cheekbones.

Back Pain

The abrupt movements of your car in an accident can be painful for your back. General back pain due to muscle strain is a common complaint after an accident, but many people also suffer herniated discs. Herniated discs occur when the vertebrae in your spine are shifted out of place, pinching or compressing the nerves in your back.

Internal Bleeding

A particularly dangerous complication of an automobile accident, internal bleeding can cause life-threatening issues quickly. It is essential to seek immediate medical attention if you are involved in an accident to rule out the possibility of internal bleeding or other internal injuries that can cause pain and complications.

Knee Injuries

The force of an impact can cause your knees to collide with your dashboard. This can break your kneecap, tear ligaments in your knee or cause pain down your leg. You may need therapy or surgery to correct these issues or may need to wear a brace to allow your knee time to heal.

Mental Trauma

Not all injuries are physical. There can be emotional or mental injury as a result of your accident. You may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, panic at the thought of getting in a car or be plagued by guilt. You may suffer from depression or anxiety from the accident – even if it wasn’t your fault. Don’t be embarrassed about seeking help for any emotional damage you may have from your accident. The long term emotional effects can be just as debilitating as physical consequences.

Next Steps…

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, don’t leave your physical recovery to chance. Get evaluated by a medical professional to determine the extent, if any, of your injuries. If you’re dealing with general soreness or stiffness after your accident, a therapeutic massage may help relax frazzled muscles and help put your body on the path to healing.

Contact us today to schedule an evaluation with one of our doctors to find out how we can help you heal.